NLF Connect is an apostolic team of leaders and churches of the New Life Fellowship geared towards planting, caring, leading and governing churches under its oversight. This movement of people, while connecting with the Body of Christ and with local communities, seek to being instruments of transformation. In endeavouring to be gospel centred with a heart to embrace and engage all people with the love of God, we share kingdom values. These include righteousness, joy, peace, sharing, caring, forgiveness, healing and good works all embodied in the love of God.

Our goal is to encourage disciples of Jesus to be true worshippers as priests and kings of God, serving with the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives. As they do this, others are given an opportunity to know and freely follow Jesus Christ, Who, through His death on the cross and resurrection, offers forgiveness of sins and new life, resulting in a life of purpose and intimacy with God our Father through the Holy Spirit.

New Life Fellowship History: New Life Fellowship, Mumbai began in 1968 as a result of missionaries Trevor & Isabel Paterson, who, along with Graham & Pamela Truscott, came to India out of a revival that took place in New Zealand.  In September 1969 they ordained Susai and Florence Joseph as Pastors and James Roxburgh as Elder. The Patersons continued as active apostolic leaders till they left India in September 1977.  During this time a group of young people like Ivan Satyavrata, Peter Hendricks, Shelton and Melissa Davidson, Willie and Beverly Soans and a few others got committed to New Life Fellowship.

In July 1980 some of these young people, who were active members, together with Susai Joseph and James Roxburgh, spent time seeking the Lord in prayer and fasting for fresh direction.  It was there that the Lord gave emphasis (vision) to launch out in the city. James and Margaret Roxburgh were full time associate pastors along with V R Ravi Raj and Christopher Johnsingh who were the elders then. From there began a great hunger for reaching out to the lost and evangelism and prayer became a lifestyle. New Life Fellowship is a movement of the Holy Spirit with an emphasis on the priesthood of all believers.

What began as a one church model spread over the city with multiple house groups and churches, not only in Mumbai but in 1982 crossed over to other cities in the nation and have reached almost every state in the country.

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